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Transformational Therapist. Galactic Healer. Starseed ACTIVATOR

Get and stay balanced in the 4 bodies where your soul exists: The Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Emotional bodies. I and the ENTIRE ANGELIC REALM are here to help.



Energy is magic. You are energy. Magic is YOU. Time to master the energy that is YOU.  Angels and Magic is ANGELIC and we are  here to help you do just that. We are all connected through the angelic realm. Everyone is on a spiritual journey and everyone has at least one angel assigned to them...and a spirit guide. I am an Earth Angel. Myself, along with Arch Angels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael are here to help you master the magic that is YOU aka Angels and Magic. Buckle we gooooooo...TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE (spiritual, physical, mental and emotional bodies) and  AND BECOME THE HIGHEST EXPRESSION OF YOURSELF. DESTINY AWAITS... 

Angel Reiki/Light Surgery

All creatures big and small...people too

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Radiant health is your birthright. There is no such thing as the physical. Everything is energy, frequency and vibration. You are energy. The physical body is connected to the emotional body which is connected to the etheric body. The physical body is just a map. Wherever dis-ease shows up it's your body consciousnesses way of letting you know what emotional and psychological transforming needs to be done....which is why everything is REVERSIBLE. While you're working on healing and transforming the emotional and mental bodies, we offer angel reiki and light surgery for the physical body. I am a direct channel for the highest light. That light is embedded with healing codes and frequencies. Divine light is used to restore you to radiant health. Where there is light...darkness (dis-ease) cannot exist. We use the power of visualization + will power to transform the energy into intense burning burn away the dis-eased cells and replace them with healthy cells. The light knows what to heal. Light has infinite power of projections, it can span incarnations healing us of past karma, of seed tendencies of the past.

Our focus:


There are deep grooves of habit patterns of seed tendencies from many incarnations: every thought, every action repeated over periods of time embedded in the deep grooves in the brain and when attention falls on these grooves we play out that energetic pattern as habits, tendencies and dis-ease.

Body or Particular Parts of The Body


The heart is often the seat of deep griefs, losses, hurts, disappointments; a place of our feelings


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A Starseed is someone who's soul does not originate from Earth. Each Starseed is here lending their unique gifts and frequencies to the earth plane. In order to fulfill their soul's purpose and become the highest expression of themselves they need to remember who they are. ACTIVATIONS unlock soul codes and DNA codes. Over 40 ACTIVATIONS are offered from Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses and God Men including but not limited to prosperity, chakras, romantic love, synergy, allowance, earth, healing, delight and more...

Arch Angel Readings

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4 Arch Angels pull my tarot cards in order to offer their guidance, direction and advice. Arch Angels have seen the past, present and future and only want to see you become the highest expression of yourself. No one speaks energy like Arch Angels...EVERYTHING is energy, frequency and vibration.

Alana Pilar


Earth Angel

Master Number 22

Kuan Yin Cosmic Blueprint

Nimue, Lady of the Lake Cosmic Blueprint

Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael

Manifesting With The Moon

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1 month workshop from either: 

Full Moon to Full Moon


New Moon to New Moon

Using the moon as it is intended for manifesting the highest expression of yourself. The moon altars from New to Full every two weeks...which is an indication of how quickly you should be manifesting. New Moon's are used for setting intentions. If any intentions have not fully manifested in those two weeks, there's a block. Full Moon's are used for clearing and releasing whatever is blocking those intentions from fully manifesting. 

This workshop is more a journey of self-discovery than anything else. You learn more about yourself by what you are repelling and attracting into your experience than anything else.

Quantum Healing Chamber

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6 Arch Angels and I hold you in a quantum healing chamber to promote optimal healing during any procedure. Ex: going to the dentist, chiropractor, and psychiatrist appointments, surgery and other  invasive procedures, etc...

Your healing is directly affected by those actually working on you as well as all other in the office. Regardless of the "professionalism" multiple people could easily be in lower vibrations due to interpersonal inner-office relationships as well as things going on within their personal lives. Those lower vibrations behind the smiles affect your ability to heal during and after the procedure because those lower vibrational energies get absorbed into your energetic body. 

A quantum healing chamber is about 1 foot wide extending from the Angelic Realm to inner earth transmuting all energies into the highest light promoting optimal healing.

Angel Potion

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Peach Spray Everything But The...


This spray was co-created with the Arch Angels and is reikied with the entire angelic realm.

Unimited Uses

Cleans, clears, aligns and activates your crown, third eye and throat chakras

Nasal care



Aura spray

High liquid selenite

Spray your bedding

Clean new crystals

Charge old crystals

Spray bath water

Spray venues (including homes)

Toilet spray

Spray hair (sun downloads)

Spray around airplane seat

Spray inside Ubers

Clean plants

Spray injuries/joints

Muscle discomfort

Pick A Card

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Angel messages for you. Angel guidance, direction and advice.

YouTube: Angels and Magic 00

Playlist: Pick A Card

We do Pick A Card and Pick A Card: SITUATIONSHIPS

Energy Work

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E-motional healing to manifest Physical Health. Radiant Health is your birthright. Everything is energy, frequency and vibration. We use light embedded with healing frequencies to shift your own bodies frequency to promote well-being. All aspects of your being are considered: chakra cleaning and clearing, upgrades to your software, cleaning and clearing books and contracts which no longer serve your greater good from your Akashic Records, clearing energetic thought and e-motional patterns even from the deep grooves in the brain, cord cutting, etc...

We use a combination of light and breathwork. Think of breathwork like an active meditation, where we change your breathing pattern to boost mental, physical and spiritual health.

Our sparkling gem healing crystals used contain vibrational energies reikied with the entire Angelic Realm  that work to heal and promote well-being.

Therapy Sessions

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Spiritual guidance and direction. Wisdom offered to help understand the cycles and patterns of your life as well as soul growth and soul lessons meant to be gained from every person, experience and situationships ALL IN THE EFFORT TO EXPAND YOU.  With each cycle you have two choices: evolve or repeat.

Understanding fate vs. destiny

Shifting from fate to destiny

7 Laws of energy

Soul Qualities (mastering the 21 Major Arcanas)

Soul Growth

Soul Lessons

Fulfilling your soul's purpose

Embodying the 8 attributes of the Higher Self

Self mastery

Fully realized LOVE, KNOWLEDGE, and POWER

Video Vision Board

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Use visualization + E-motion to manifest

1. submit photos
2. receive video with music
3. watch. watch. watch.

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Discussion: Aspergers

Many unique starseeds are often mis-understood; including those diagnosed with aspergers. Join the discussion with Carly and Annie.

Zoom link:TBA

Hot Potato Group Meditation

Each week someone else takes the hot potato. That person then becomes the host for the following week; working with their "unseen team" to offer their own unique experience met with unconditional/unlimited love..

Zoom link:

Topic: Hot potato group meditation with Donna
Time: Sunday, Jan 23, 2022 10:00 PM London

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Calling All Lightworkers

You're being called to duty. Gaia needs you to planet labordorite and clear quartz. Click zoom link to join Mandy Candy on zoom for instructions.

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Mandy Birch is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Gaia, Gridding Zoom Meeting
Time: Jan 18, 2022 10:30 PM London

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Please apply this chant before planting:


I am a Radiant Being of Divine Health, Abundance, Light and Love

I Invoke Sacred Space, Safe Space of the highest resonance for my highest good.

(Using violet light build and place yourself within a tetrahedron-3 sided pyramid. Enclose the tetrahedron in a larger octahedron-two pyramids with bases touching, one point directed upward, and the other point directed downward.)

I request and authorize assistance from my team in light, divine source, ascended masters, archangels, divine dragons, and positive light beings for my highest good.

We place Earth to Earth – Love You Gaia!

We place Light to Light – Love You Gaia!

We place Love to Love – Love You Gaia!

We say be and it is! Shin Ta, Shin Ta!

We say be and it is! Ah Shay, Ah Shay!

Crystal Grid Defined

Crystal Grid Activated

Crystal Grid Online


AUM Gaia, AUM Gaia, AUM Gaia, AUM

AUM Gaia, AUM Gaia, AUM

AUM Gaia, AUM Gaia, AUM Gaia, AUM

AUM Gaia, AUM Gaia, AUM

AUM Gaia, AUM Gaia, AUM Gaia, AUM

AUM Gaia, AUM Gaia, AUM

AUM Gaia, AUM Gaia, AUM

AUM Gaia, AUM Gaia, AUM


Thank you

Shabaka Azibo