In Tune With The Moon

The Moon is just a big clock letting you know what to do on which days. The Moon shifts into a different zodiac every two days. Each zodiac rules a different part of the body. As the moon should your focus. Stay In Tune With The Moon. We have various workshops for adults and kiddos including: Manifesting With The Moon..

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"Real Love Feels Pure & Authentic"

Energy is Magic. You are Energy. Magic is You.

Our of 1.5 million light workers, only 144,000 are ascending. This FREE directory is for you. Master the magic that is you. 4 Arch Angels co-created this directory to help us become happy, healthy and whole. Everyone is on a spiritual journey and everyone has at least one angel assigned to them (a guardian angel). To learn more about the Arch Angels and other celestial beings click here.

Path of Enlightenment: transmuting all fear and fuckery back into light...which is love. We are doing this individually and as a collective. For collective energy updates click here.
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Fate vs. Destiny
You have two hands: one is your fate...the other your destiny. Your fate hand also holds all of your karma: your karma and ancestral karma. Once you've successfully cleared your karma...destiny awaits. We have free will. Destiny must be chosen.

Should you choose an enlightened path...leading straight towards fulfilling your soul's purpose, attracting true authentic soul tribe and soul family members and divine partnerships, getting healthy, happy and whole along the way...Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, God Men, Dragons, Fairies, Unicorns and all of the kingdoms are here to help. YouTube: Angels and Magic 00

When you let those 'unseen' become a part of your gets a whole lot more magical.

"Master the magic that is you"

Energy is Magic. You are Energy. Magic is You.

Co-created with 4 Arch Angels

Share a little bit about who you are and what you do. Be sure to include things like what originally inspired you to get started.

Michael. Gabriel. Uriel. Raphael.
Alana Pilar, Earth Angel