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Everyone is on a spiritual journey and everyone has at least one angel assigned to them along with a spirit guide. 4 Arch Angels are assigned to me and co-created this FREE online spiritual directory gifting angelic products in our TOUCHED BY ANGELS collection of products reikied with the Angelic Realm. Services which include: Angel Reiki, Animal Reiki, Light Surgery, POLO (Passed On Loved One) Medium Sessions, angel ACTIVATIONS, Pick A Card Videos, Group Meditation, Energy Updates, CORE (Celebrating Our Radiant Energy) Gal Pal Group, In Tune With The Moon, Daily Love Oracle, Daily Rune, FREE Goodies, Collective Messages and Angelic Guidance, Direction and Advice through Personal Arch Angel Tarot Readings, and more...

Angelic Services

Arch Angels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael...and more.

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