Communication. Expression.

Color: White

Symbol: Goblet

Direction: West

Tarot: Cups


Protection. Guidance. Strength

Color: Blue

Symbol: Sword

Direction: South

Tarot: Swords


Physical, Mental & Emotional Healing

Color: Green

Symbol: Caduceus with Serpents

Direction: East

Tarot: Wands


Transmutation. Illumination.

Color: Red

Symbol: 5 Pointed Star

Direction: North

Tarot: Pentacles

A Being from the Pleiades

This Orb is a being from the Pleiades pouring healing into your heart in order to prepare you for ascension.

There are many highly evolved and beautiful beings actively radiating light, love and healing to us. 

Your guidance is to be open to these cosmic energies now available. Acknowledge and recognize them and allow them to help others through you.