Angels + Magic = Angelic

Real Love Feels Pure & Authentic

"Those "unseen" are all kinds of unicorn, lollipop, rainbow magic...

and so are you"

Goddess Hecate Sacral Chakra ACTIVATION

The frequency of the Sacral Chakra - the orange Flower of Life - supports our ability to flow with our desires, and stimulates our creative power to manifest success and abundance in our lifes.

Arch Angel Raziel Integration ACTIVATION

The frequency of Integration supports our embrace of every aspect of ourselves, allowing what we perceive as positive and what we perceive as negative to harmonize in a balanced symphony of life.

Miracle ACTIVATION From Persephone and a God Man

The frequency of Miracle supports our belief in ourselves as a part of Source and, therefore, our belief that anything is possible. (Master Number 33)

ACTIVATIONS from Arch Angels, Goddesses, and Ascended Masters...take as much or as little as you need...

Magic ACTIVATION From Healer/Magician Arch Angel Raphael (Diamond White Light)

The frequency of Magic supports our intrinsic ability to grow and expand beyond this moment to move toward possibilities and expressions that are as grand and profound as we can imagine. All that is required is our belief in their manifestation.

Passion ACTIVATION From Arch Angel Uriel

The frequency of Passion reminds us that beneath every intense emotion lies the hidden gem of insight, balance, and calm. It assists us in finding the balance within this intensity, moving us from chaos to the calm of its core, where we can let its long-lasting wisdom fill us up.

Angelic Realm Reiki: Session with Dumah

Throat and Hearth Chakra Clearing, Cleaning and ACTIVATION. Arch Angel Dumah is the Angel of Dreams.

Arch Angel Sandalphon ACTIVATION

Arch Angel Sandalphon is the Angel of New Life.

2 Aphrodite ACTIVATIONS: Universal Love and Merkabah

The frequency of Universal Love activates the connection we feel to each other, to our planet, and to the whole of existence itself.

The frequency of Merkabah supports our ability to use our consciousness to traverse into other layers of reality and dimensions. It activates our access to our Akashic inheritance as well, merging the totality of our experience into our present to serve our highest purpose