Angels + Magic = Angelic

Real Love Feels Pure & Authentic

"Those "unseen" are all kinds of unicorn, lollipop, rainbow magic...

and so are you"

First Sphere

Serephims - Highest Order. Represent Love. Luck and Fire (life energy)
Cheribim - Keepers of Knowledge
Thrones - Justice. Judgement.

Second Sphere

Dominions - Middle Management. They get their direction from the first Sphere and assign responsibilities to the third. They are also forces of Nature...manifesting into plants, animals and minerals.
Virtues - Sparks of Light, encourage metaphysics.
Powers - Brightly colored. Gatekeepers

Third Sphere

Principalities- Rays of Light. Oversee the Earth Plane. Lead Humans and Angels.
Arch Angels - Front Line for dealing with Humankind.

Angels - The only ones who directory interact with human beings. Guardian Angels.

The Angelic Realm


There is no such place as Heaven or Hell...those are both states of the mind. There is a such place as The Heavens. The ONLY beings in The Heavens are celestial beings. There are 400,000 celestial beings that occupy The Heavens. 9 different types of celestial beings occupy 3 Spheres. 3 In each Sphere.

Everyone is on a spiritual journey and everyone has an entire team assigned to them...made up of at least one angel angel (Guardian Angel) and a Spirit Guide. Angel Angels are in the Third Sphere and the only celestial beings that directly connect with man.

Arch Angels

Arch Angels helping us become happy, healthy and whole. Here are a few on the ones we have all come to know and love. 4 Arch Angels co-created this directory and are with me 24/7: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael. They are my family and I could not do this Earth Walk without them. I am an Earth Angel.

Arch Angels are like Baskin Robbins...there's a flavor for EVERYTHING:


Arch Angel Ariel - healing angel of nature (earth and animals) - Aries
Arch Angel Azrael - transformation...including death - Capricorn
Arch Angel Binah - knowledge (left eye)
Arch Angel Chamuel - love - Taurus
Arch Angel Chesed - empathy
Arch Angel Chokhmah - wisdom (right eye)
Arch Angel Da'at - null/emptiness (NOthing and EVERYTHING)
Arch Angel Dumah - angel of dreams
Arch Angel Eistibus - divination

Arch Angel Gabriel - angel of the heralds; helps your find the words to deliver important messages - Cancer
Arch Angel Gevurah - judgement (left hand)
Arch Angel Hasmed - annihilation
Arch Angel Hod - submission (left leg)
Arch Angel Israfel - angel of song
Arch Angel Jeremiel - dreams - Scorpio
Arch Angel Jophiel - beauty - Libra
Arch Angel Keter - spirituality (the crown)
Arch Angel Kushiel - punishment

Guardian Angel Lecabel - glory/enlightenment;  creativity, decision-making, conceptualizing (Lecabel is connected to the mirror number 10:01). 
Arch Angel Leliel - angel of night...including stars
Arch Angel Malkuth - ground (everything in the physical 3D reality)
Arch Angel Matariel - rain
Arch Angel Metatron - merkabah/metatron's cube (sacred energy used for clearing and cleaning low energies) - Virgo
Arch Angel Michael - guardian/protector (Crisis? No on Michael)
Arch Angel Netzah - endurance (right leg)
Arch Angel Phanuel - truth
Arch Angel Raguel - friend (healing arguments and misunderstandings) - Sagittarius
Arch Angel Raphael - healer/magician (helps heal all aspects of your being: physical, emotional, mental)
Arch Angel Raziel - mysteries/secrets - Leo
Arch Angel Remiel - visions
Arch Angel Remph - time
Arch Angel Sahaquiel - sky (gatekeeper of The Heavens)
Arch Angel Sandalphon - new life - Pisces
 Arch Angel Shelegiel - silence
Arch Angel Simikiel - vengence
Arch Angel Suchlaph - verdancy (all things BLOOM with Suchlaph)
Arch Angel Tiferet - heart/beauty
Arch Angel Uriel - intellectual angel (manifests in the form of ideas, ephiphanies, and creative insight) - Aquarius
Arch Angel Yesod - root (connection)
Arch Angel Zachriel - memory
Arch Angel Zadkiel - mercy - Gemini

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