Love Offering/Donation.

Minimum offer 50$/session. 1 session is 45-1hr.

Channels of give and receive must remain balanced and open. The more you give...the more you have to give!

What you can expect from me:

As an Earth Angel, my offering to open myself up as a direct channel for the highest light. All transformational sessions are universally guided. Together, the 4 Arch Angels and I work with 400,000 celestial beings which occupy The Angelic Realms, including Arch Angels as well as Ascended Masters, Goddesses and God Men along with all kinds of mythical creatures: unicorns, dragons, pixies, elves, gnomes, nature magic and the elementals. I offer the highest light, love and wisdom (time and energy)

What is expected of you:

You are expected to also give time and energy. Money is BOTH. This keeps balance: give and receive. We are channels for divine abundant and prosperous flow. We are love. Let's keep the channels open.

Donations are not only welcome but encouraged. As the work begins to integrate...the better you feel...the more you should give. Please and thank you.



Channels of give and receive must remain balanced and open.