Communication. Expression.

Color: White

Symbol: Goblet

Direction: West

Tarot: Cups


Protection. Guidance. Strength

Color: Blue

Symbol: Sword

Direction: South

Tarot: Swords


Physical, Mental & Emotional Healing

Color: Green

Symbol: Caduceus with Serpents

Direction: East

Tarot: Wands


Transmutation. Illumination.

Color: Red

Symbol: 5 Pointed Star

Direction: North

Tarot: Pentacles

Lake Goddess

By contacting the Lake Goddess in meditation or by water can help bring back clarity and understanding into our lives. She works deep under the water looking after the pearl beds, so she helps us go deep within ourselves to bring back the calm to the storms that come into our lives. She will help you find the pearls that are closely guarded in the oyster, the pearls of wisdom are in us all; the card can help you enter her world.

Suggestion: Go into the stillness, there you will find the pearls shining bright.

Affirmation: Like the moon my pearls will shine bright.

Element: Water, Air