Angels + Magic = Angelic

Real Love Feels Pure & Authentic

"Those "unseen" are all kinds of unicorn, lollipop, rainbow magic...

and so are you"


Communication. Expression.

Color: White

Symbol: Goblet

Direction: West

Tarot: Cups


Protection. Guidance. Strength

Color: Blue

Symbol: Sword

Direction: South

Tarot: Swords


Physical, Mental & Emotional Healing

Color: Green

Symbol: Caduceus with Serpents

Direction: East

Tarot: Wands


Transmutation. Illumination.

Color: Red

Symbol: 5 Pointed Star

Direction: North

Tarot: Pentacles

Rainbow Angel

The Rainbow Angel is flowing in all her colours, connecting the great bridge from heaven to earth. The Rainbow Angel can help man in the 'healing arts' in directing streams of healing colours to the sick, also helping to bring light into our dark fears and brighten our pathways.

Suggestion: Working with colours can help you understand the meaning and symbol of the colours, which is one way angels communicate with us.

Affirmation: Like the Angel, the colours will flow through me.

Element: Air, Water